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Ethan’s Law

On the day Ethan died, he had sadly been left at home alone in his cot by Davis for several hours. We believe, that had this law been in place the first time social services were made aware that Davis was leaving Ethan and his sibling at home alone (many months prior to his death), he may well be alive today, as it would have been investigated properly.

It is not currently against the law to leave a child home alone no matter the age. The NSPCC strongly recommends that babies, toddlers and young children are never left alone but unfortunately the law does not match this and it continues to happen without harsher consequences for neglectful parents who put their children at risk of serious harm and death.

We have set up a petition calling for a law to be in place that makes it a specific criminal offence to: ‘Leave a child aged under five alone without supervision, where the person responsible for the child’s health and safety, is unable to reasonably react to any circumstances that may expose said child to the risk of injury or death’

Please show support for our petition here: