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Your Rights

We believe in everyone being treated equally and fairly when involved with any public authority, especially children. Upholding Human Rights, especially those of children, should be of the utmost importance to any professionals involved with vulnerable families, however, it is becoming increasingly apparent from research, that this is a significant failure in most Local Authorities.

With your help, we aim to make this site a place where people can come for help and information with our ultimate goal being to prevent further breaches from happening to more families in the future.

If you feel you or your child have had your Human Rights breached, ensure you take it as quickly as possible through the Local Authority’s complaints process in writing. Any calls made, record them. If this does not resolve the matter, take it to the Local Government Ombudsman ( ). You can also take your complaint to Social Work England if it is about a particular social worker, however, we found them to be less than adequate at investigating.

If you still aren’t happy with the outcome, seek legal advice as soon as possible from Citizen’s Advice, about taking the matter forward legally. It is very important to do all this as quickly as possible as there is a time-limit of 1 year from the time of the concern for you to raise the complaint. If the Local Authority appear to be delaying the complaints process, then seek advice on bringing the claim legally during the process. Ensure you gather all evidence needed and remember you are well within your rights to record all interactions with any persons from the Local Authority. Please also check your eligibility for legal aid in order to help you in your case.

Please contact us if you have any further information that could be of help in this section