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December 2022


We understand how hopeless you can feel when involved with the Local Authority and the family courts. In this section we hope to provide a place of support and advice for vulnerable families. Here are some of the most useful websites we have found so… Read More »S.O.S.

Your Rights

We believe in everyone being treated equally and fairly when involved with any public authority, especially children. Upholding Human Rights, especially those of children, should be of the utmost importance to any professionals involved with vulnerable families, however, it is becoming increasingly apparent from research,… Read More »Your Rights

The Alphabet Project

Accountability, responsibility and transparency (A.R.T.) are key factors for public confidence and unfortunately trust in this sector in particular is extremely low due to so many cases just like ours. The Alphabet project aims to bring about important changes to the social care system. This… Read More »The Alphabet Project

Ethan’s Law

On the day Ethan died, he had sadly been left at home alone in his cot by Davis for several hours. We believe, that had this law been in place the first time social services were made aware that Davis was leaving Ethan and his… Read More »Ethan’s Law